Slim Fixed

The slim fixed window design is done to match up with the slimmer slider and hung frames. This allows classic styles where a picture window over a sliding window matches completely to allow balance and symmetry throughout the home. A slim fixed window would be what most people call a picture window today. Maximizing glass space, slim fixed windows allow the focus to remain on your view, not the window itself.


Ratings - Slim Fixed

Product Windows
Brand Name Window-Pro Ltd.
Model Number LPF-ARG-LOF
NRCan Number NR7318-2189953-ES
Style Fixed (picture)
Frame Material Vinyl
Sash Material Vinyl
Layers of Glazing 2
Low E Surface Surface 3
Glazing Cavity Width (mm) 14.4
Glazing Cavity Fill Argon (x1)
U-factor W/m2*K (Btu/h*ft2*F) 1.72 (0.30)
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.59
Air Leakage (m3/h/m) 0.02
Effective Date (yy/mm/dd) 09/12/03
Energy Performance Certification Agency Intertek
Structural Certification Agency Intertek
Low E Type Hard Coat
Emissivity 0.155
Spacer Hybrid
Tint -
Energy Rating +36
Visual Transmittance 0.63
Crack Length (metres) 7.63