About Us

Window-Pro windows combine award-winning vinyl extrusions with the experience of owner Johnny Miranda in making high-quality windows. Window-Pro uses vinyl extrusions made of 100% virgin PVC powder, and quality lead-free additives.

Letter from the Owner:

Over the last thirty years I have noticed a large change in the way business is handled in the manufacturing of vinyl windows. During the 1990’s after the recession an industry-wide boom was in effect. Dealers were happy, installers were happy, customers were happy. Generally there was money for everyone as margins were decent due to the fact that competition was limited. For this reason service was also a non-issue. You called your dealer, service was performed and thanks were given.

Fast forwarding to the new millennium many things have changed. Competition is fierce, margins are volume-driven, service is rare. Due to the extreme growth of vinyl windows, and vinyl products in general around the Golden Horseshoe and North America a new business model was created. Window manufacturers started supplying mainly for the construction industry and two production lines of windows were created.

First was builder-grade, or construction-grade windows. Normally you would see these windows in new home developments, townhouses, and even general renovations. The quality of these windows was purposely limited as the new buyer was very unlikely to know the difference between builder-grade and replacement-grade windows. Items such as hardware, glass stoppers, spacers and U.V. glass coatings were absent, or of low-quality in almost all new construction developments. Most new construction windows are expected to last anywhere from eight to twelve years. This is in direct contrast to a replacement grade window where a lifetime warranty is expected and given. These windows have caused great confusion as many consumers believed this was a typical quality of vinyl window when in fact for almost the same price a far superior window was available.

Secondly and straight to the point are our replacement-grade, or high-quality vinyl window products that Window-Pro specializes in. With our contacts throughout the fenestration industry, and our proud Energy Star ratings I challenge you to find a better run window company in today’s market. We supply through our dealers one type of window that can be augmented to suit any climate, customization, or shape required. Whether you need thousands of windows, or one basement window the quality is always the same. Replacement-grade windows are supposed to include U.V. coatings, Argon Gas, high-quality hardware and well designed glass stoppers to allow for easy service and maintenance. Window warranties are based on a modular design that allows the swapping out of the damaged components. I am proud to say that Window-Pro windows are what I believe to be the most reliable, modern, and attractive product available in the fenestration industry today.

My life is vinyl products, especially windows. When people visit our factory they see me working there. I believe in hands-on ownership and in the end I personally oversee all production. With our modern machines, automated production, and flexible shipping options I am proud to present you the customer with our beautiful windows, service, and thanks.

Johnny Miranda
President, Window-Pro Inc.