Window-Pro uses vinyl extrusions made with 100% virgin PVC powder, and quality lead-free additives. After the vinyl is created from the virgin PVC powder, extruders create 16’ lengths of frames, sashes and many other window components. These extrusions are then transported by truck to our factory, dropped off on skids and unloaded at the factory onto our bright blue storage racks for later production.

The vinyl frames are cut to size and specifications generated by our computer software i.e. the breakdown. All cut material is labeled individually to prevent errors and allow quality control. Following this process all material is put through the punch hole presses to create space for hardware and assembly. After the material is properly cut and punched we move on to the four-point welder. Fusion welding of the frames and sashes follows. After welding the sash and frames, components are moved over to the CNC cleaner. This machine cleans off the welding residue allowing for clean corners and a much higher-quality finish than manual cleaning.

The welded, punched and cleaned frames now move on to the assembly tables. These tables are carpeted and cleaned with compressed air continuously after each window to prevent marks and scratching. The windows are assembled by screwing in the hardware, balancing the sashes and attaching any jambs, brickmoulds, or flanges for brick-to-brick style installations. Also during this period thermal glass units are placed inside the sashes and glazing stops are locked into place with spacers to stabilize the glass and allow room for minor expansion and contraction while centering the glass in the sash. A final inspection is performed on every window to check for any minor imperfections, after the inspection final identification, and testing stickers are attached.

Extrusion Process